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Frequently asked questions

Q: Am I buying this product from Nautical Markets or Directly from the supplier?

A: You will be buying from the supplier and all correspondence will be directly between the the two of you.

Q: What happens if I want to return the item?

A: Please refer to our returns policy page https://nauticalmarkets.com/return-policy/

Q: What are the terms of shipping?

A: Please refer to our shipping policy page https://nauticalmarkets.com/shipping-policy/

Q: Is there a warranty with the item I want to purchase?

A: Please refer to our warranty page https://nauticalmarkets.com/warranty-policy/

For Imported Products

  • Shipping period for an Imported product may range between 3-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Only prepaid orders are allowed
  • No cancellations shall be permissible after the product is dispatched from an international location. 
    • Customer will be notified about the shipping status by email. 
    • Generally products are dispatched from international location within 3-4 days.
  • Refusal to accept the product at the time of delivery will not be entertained and no refunds shall be made in such cases.
  • Return/Replacement request for any Order should be submitted within 10 days of receiving the Product. However, in case of Damaged/ Missing/ Empty Packages/Wrong Product the request should be raised within 2 days of receiving the product.
  • Warranty applicable if specified.


1. How can I cancel my order? 

You can cancel your order if it is not shipped. Please login to your Nautical Markets account for initiating the cancellation & follow the given process: Sign-In -> My Orders -> Cancellation Request

2. Can I modify my order? 

Yes you can modify the following details of your order as long as it has not been ready to dispatch.

  • Shipping Address
  • Contact No.
  • Size (As per availability)
  • Color (As per availability)
  • Sign-In -> My Orders -> Modify Order
  • Please login to your Nautical Markets account: Sign-In -> My Account -> My Orders -> Modify Order. 

3. Can I change quantity of my order? 

We recommend you to place a new order for the same product with changed quantity.

4. How can I download the invoice of my order? 

You can download the invoice of your order by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Please login to your Nautical Markets account
  • Step 2: Go to My Account ---> My Orders
  • Step 3: Select the relevant Order ID from 'My Orders'
  • Step 4: Click on 'Download Invoice'


1. My order transaction failed but the amount has been deducted from my bank account. What should I do? 

Payment can fail due to a technical glitch or due to incorrect payment credentials. If the amount has been deducted from your account without order confirmation, please do not place a second order for the same product. Within 48-hours, your order will automatically be confirmed by our system & a confirmation will be sent to you through Email and SMS. However, if your order is not confirmed or you get a payment declined message, please check with your bank for details or contact us. You may be required to submit a screenshot of your account statement. Please stay rest assured that your amount will be refunded to you in case of failed order transaction.


1. When do you process a Refund? 

Refunds are generally initiated in the following scenarios:

  • When Prepaid Orders are cancelled by Customer/Seller/Nautical Markets before delivery (Please read our Cancellation Policy)
  • If our courier partner is unable to deliver the order
  • If you wish to return the product, in accordance with our Return Policy

2. How will I get my Refund?

  • Refunds are only provided by the supplier and will be processed by them. All enquiries should be handled directly with the supplier.

3. How long does it take to process Refund? 

Refund by the supplier depends upon the mode of payment. Please refer to the list below:

  • Debit card: 7 - 9 Business days
  • Credit card: 10 - 15 Business days

In case of any clarification or If you have not received the refund within the stipulated time, kindly contact your banks customer care number to know the status of the transaction

4. How long does it take to initiate a Refund? 

For some orders, a Refund should be initiated within 2 working days of the product being returned to the supplier. 

5. When does a Refund get declined? 

Refund may get declined if the product received by the supplier is not as per your claim or Order ID is missing on the package.

6. How can I track the status of my Refund? 

To check your refund status follow the path Login -> My orders -> Refund Status

7. Will my shipping charges be refunded if I ship the product? 

In case of Self-Shipment, Nautical Markets will not be responsible for any shipping costs. Refunds are generally provided on a return to base status and therefore shipping costs will not be covered.

8. How do I update my bank details ?

  • Step 1 : Login with your registered email id
  • Step 2 : Go to "My Account"
  • Step 3 : Click on " My Profile"
  • Step 4 : Click on “Bank Details”
  • Step 5: Click on Add bank details, complete the relevant field
  • Step 6: Save Bank Details


1. How do I track my order?

You can check the status of your order from your Nautical Markets "MyAccount". We ensure timely communication about your order status via Email / SMS under the following conditions:

  • When your order is confirmed / processed / shipped / delivered or
  • When your order shipment is delayed

2. How long does it take to deliver the product after it has been dispatched? 

It usually takes between 3 to 5 days to deliver the order after it has been dispatched. This varies depending upon you and the merchant's location. We will notify you on your registered contact details via Email / SMS with the tracking number and courier/delivery partner details, once the order has been dispatched. 

3. My order is out for delivery, but has not reached?

If the status is marked as “OUT FOR DELIVERY”, and is not delivered to you in next 24 hours, kindly contact the supplier directly and they can follow up for you.

4. Why have I received partial order?

Since your products maybe shipped from different merchants, orders with multiple products and different delivery timelines will be delivered to you separately.